Basement Finishing Omaha

Adding light to a finished basement

One thing that many buyers look for in a finished basement is natural light. Natural lighting is important because it makes the basement appear more lived-in and less dreary. To achieve this, you should install windows near either the main floor or the basement stairs. This will allow natural light to stream through the entire basement. You should also consider installing skylights on the upper level of your house.

If you are going to use vinyl windows, you should get some custom-made windows. Custom-made windows will give your finished basement a more uniform appearance and prevent any cold drafts from coming through your doors.

Vinyl windows are a good choice because they can be painted to match the color of your basement walls. However, you should be very particular about the type of paint that you use. Normal paints will not adhere properly on vinyl windows and can chip off easily at certain spots. You must buy special vinyl-friendly paints from home improvement stores to avoid this problem.

When installing new windows or replacing old ones, always make sure that they fit tightly into their frames for maximum insulation against cold drafts coming from outside of the house. Be careful when inserting any screws into the frame since these can damage or crack the glass in your window without proper reinforcement beforehand.

Do not forget finishing touches like theater cabinets, desks with built-in light dimmers , or even bookcases with built-in lighting. These small touches will significantly improve your finished basement and make it look like a true gem in your home.


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